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„MÁV” Kindergarten



Our kindergarten was established in 1952 by the Hungarian State Railway, later it became supported by a foundation. The institution can be found in the junction of the city center and the lower part of the city and it reflects the 19th century’s urban architecture. The building is grounded and 300 squaremetres and it has got three team-rooms, one common dressing room while our playground is equipped with traditional and modern toys which the children really love. They are 2.5-7 years old.

Our kindergarten welcomes and receives children not just from the region, but also from out of the borders and not just from the workers of the Hungarian State Railway. Children who need special care or particular education who have special skin and dietary allergies and those who are diabetic can participate in our institution’s life. We are limited to 65 children who are tended by kindergarten teachers from 6:30 am to 17:00 pm. Our every teacher obtains the knowledge of the different educational developments. We think that the individual’s supplementary and helping roles and methods are important. Our educational community is well-trained skillfully and self-educated outstandingly.


Our educative body


Kindergarten (pre-school ) Teachers 3 Training college degree and expertised qualification
Kindergarten (pre-school) Teachers 5 Training college degree
Special needs education Assistant 1 Training college degree, higher educational qualification
Nurses 3 one per group Skilled qualification
economic leader, kitchen and cleaner stuff


The individual features of our institution’s pedagogic programme: We support the every need of our children by complex activities besides our activity-centered educational principles. All of our activities are based on the circulation and changing of nature with the need for higher knowledge of experiences. We intend a very significant role to games, moving, environmental protection, and development of our health care and to our mother tongue, folk tradition. We define a specific aim at the beginning of every year: getting to know the folk culture of our region (folklore house, green pepper processing), training of our body at different outside venues (horse-riding, swimming, farm visiting), celebrating special national holidays with cheerful, activity-based programmes parents are invited for these events(Harvest, Pumpkin day, Christmas….etc.)

Our goals and tasks: We tend to focus consciously the skills of cooperation, connection and communication, all of these are in the aims of our pedagogy. We would like to make our children cooperate and communicate easier. We undertake to integrate children with special needs and care.

Our main result is that both the adults and children adopt the attitude of our acceptable and fair behaviour.

The social relations of our institution: families, schools, library, museum, zoo, puppet theatre, folk museum, health care, welfare service, foundations, governmental office, town hall.